The Last Thing I Bought

When we moved to Williston, our big suitcase was broken on our flight. We haven't needed it since then but I am flying to Arizona with the boys for Christmas (Sam will come a few days later) so I knew I would need a wheeled suitcase since I can't carry everything. Although the boys think I can.

I bought this suitcase yesterday and I hope it holds up through the trip (and beyond) because I already have so much to bring. Two carseats, two kids, a 40 pound weight limit per bag, and a four week vacation ahead of us. Whew. It's going to be fun.

The boys had just gotten out of the bath when I took this picture. Sometimes they wear clothes. If Edison had his way they would never wear clothes so I think half dressed means I'm doing really well that day.


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Geevz said...

J is the same way, the less clothes the better. If she had her way she'd would be naked as a Jay bird.

I'll pray for you, especially that trek in the check a bag line.

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