We spent the whole day in Minot. Sam had to go for work so we tagged along and did our own thing while he was working. We got to go to lunch together though and it was fun to meet some of his coworkers.

After wandering around for the whole morning and afternoon, the boys were tired. We went into the mall to walk around and I offered to get them a treat. It was three hours past naptime and Alex didn't really seem interested in ice cream. We sat down with a sundae and lemonade, which I ate both almost entirely myself. Then Edison ran off and he discovered a little play area. It is brilliant. It wasn't very fancy like some malls have but it was exactly what we needed. I love the things people think of to make our lives easier. I don't know how I would have made it through the last hour before picking up Sam without it. I am almost positive this was woman-made.



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