Alex's First Rave

Alex doesn't last very long in the cold so we have to find ways to entertain ourselves inside for the most part of the day. This has been one of my favorites. We play with flashlights almost every day now. He loves running around and I think it is so cute to watch him. He has so much energy and gets excited to watch the lights flash around. It is amazing to watch him chase the lights and see his face when he realizes that he is controlling it. He is a smart kid.



The Paxton Family said...

Makayla loves flashlights too! She REALLY liked them when I was pregnant with Oscar, because she would shine it on my belly, and Oscar would swim right over and push on the light. :-) They were friends from the start.
(of course jordan has a super high tech flashlight that gets really hot, so he could have been going for the heat?)

Anonymous said...

He's so cute!

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