True Love

Emily: Would you watch WNBA games if I were in them?
Sam: *sigh* If you were in them. If and only if.

Note: Sam does not think the WNBA is entertaining at all and has no interest in it. So it is a big deal that he would watch it for anything!

In other news, today would be my sister's 28th birthday. Wow. Happy birthday, Rachael!


The Paxton Family said...

haha, jordan probably wouldn't even watch it if i were in wnba! but he MIGHT if it was a "lingirie league" ;-)

also, i didn't mind the hug, i'm just an spastic overthinker :-) but next time... total fist bump!

on that note, we were THIS close to having the buffalo office this year! ha! too bad you can't sell in new york this year! BUT west virginia is close, and i like to think that sam will get a job there :-) or close, because charleston IS close to Cincinnati... don't you guys have family there?

The Paxton Family said...

my comment was long enough to warrant 2 comments.
but in verifying the word... i forgot what else i was going to say. sorry.

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