I resolve...

I love setting goals year-round, but there is something special about doing it at the beginning of a new year. I get a new calendar and I feel like I am starting so fresh. I did pretty well on my resolutions from last year but I did not post all of them so I won't be reflecting on my resolutions. I noticed that my resolutions are very similar year to year. I do not see a problem with this. I do not want to stop doing the things I have been doing and if having them on my year-long to-do list makes that happen, then so be it.

Here are a few of our family's resolutions for 2011:

1. Do all relevant reading while in school and then stay on top of HR mailings once out of school.
2. Exercise.
3. Write in journal once a month.
4. Be a better home teacher.
5. Get a job.

1. Teach Alex to clean up after himself.
2. Establish a bedtime routine with Alex.
3. Shower and get dressed first thing in the morning.
4. Prepare home-cooked and healthy dinners.
5. Plan activities that include a wide variety of friends.
6. Support Sam.
7. Plan fun activities to do with Alex.
8. Manage my time between two kids and a husband efficiently.
9. Send birthday cards to all immediate family members.
10. Write in journal weekly.

1. Attend the temple once a month.
2. Go on dates and get babysitters!
3. Have Family Home Evening each week.
4. Keep each other updated on our schedules.
5. Serve faithfully in our callings.


The Monsons said...

I love all of your resolutions. Specifically your #1,2,3 & 4. Haha, it seems that us mom's tend to have the same problems as one another...I would really like to shower in the mornings again!

The Paxton Family said...

buying a new year planner is the HIGHLIGHT of my december shopping! I LOVE getting a new planner! Last year i bought an all encompassing one that has addresses/notes/tasks/calendar etc so i didn't buy a whole new one and i'm feeling a little sad about that, but i ADORE my planner and i can buy new pages for it every year, so that's good right?
love your resolutions! my favorite is the "shower and get ready first thing" I find if i don't do this... i don't do it at all! but if i am ready and start the day early, i am ready all day! :-)
good luck!

Jonathan said...

If you guys want to do babysitting swaps sometime, we'd be game!

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