If months were years, he'd almost be legal.

Alex is 17 months old today. That means there is only one more month until he gets to go to nursery! He has been getting warmed up though, because we have been sending him to nursery for the last two weeks we've been in Arizona. He loves that place.

I have not been very good about keeping track of things Alex has been up to but here are a few things I can think of right now:
-If we say, "Arms up" he will raise his arms in the air so we can take off his shirt.
-When he sees himself in a mirror, he gives the cheesiest grin.
-When he is running around, sometimes he will stop, lean his head back farther than should be possible, and grin.
-He loves throwing away his dirty diapers.
-He can suck through a straw.
-He brings me books and climbs into my lap for me to read to him.
-After we put on his shoes, he runs straight for the door because he knows it's time to go outside.
-He has learned how to turn off the stove and oven. It has happened multiple times that I've thought I've had something cooking, only to go back into the kitchen and see that he has turned off the stove.
-He blows on the flame coming from the stove burners while they are on.
-If he sees toy trucks, he kneels down by them, pushes them around, and "vroooms."
-He loves when we wipe his nose. If he sees us get a tissue, he runs over and sticks out his nose to us.
-He has learned how to climb up on our bed by using the bed frame and then the gap between the box springs and mattress as steps.
-He loves apples. He eats an entire apple every day.
-He can open any doors with handles.
-He thinks everything is a cell phone. He walks around talking into all sorts of objects.
-He called 911. My BlackBerry has an option while it is locked to make an emergency call. I was asleep, Alex decided it was an emergency that I wake up. It worked.

He ate a red gobstopper and it looked like his mouth was bleeding.

He got into the pantry and grabbed a handful of Nilla Wafers.

He really likes Egg Nog.

He is really thirsty. And skinny.

He is a messy eater but is getting better with feeding himself.

He is pretty pleased with himself.

He loves stuffed animals.

Kisses for his friend.

He does not like wearing this hat.

He still loves laptops and computers. He will type on them then reach over and move the mouse around then go back to typing.

He is obsessed with my shoes and tries to walk around with them on. Sam is worried.

He climbed on the table and got the gingerbread house off and then helped himself to it.

He loves all balls, especially ones that fit in his hands well. He would play catch all day long. His accuracy and distance are definitely improving but that won't stop him from running two feet away from you and throwing the ball at your face.

He does cool flips.

He doesn't like grapefruit.

He struggles while trying to walk in the snow. He struggles with walking on any uneven surface.


Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

Liking to have his nose blown really surprises me, I don't think i've ever seen a kid be happy about that.

I also love him going for only your shoes. Such a laugh.

I am excited to have quirky stories like this of my own soon. Thank you for being so good at posting.

The Paxton Family said...

hahahahaha! i LOVE that picture of him eating the gingerbread house!
it was SO awesome to see him in person! i wish we had more time to let the kids play, but i am thankful for the time we did have!
you are so good at remembering things your kids do! what a fabulous blessing!

Michelle Lyons said...

I love the grapefruit movie. Alex was onto you guys. He was like, "This is a trick. ... Is this a trick?... It's probably a trick. I'm supposed to be able to trust you guys, right? Ok, I guess its ok to try. Ewww! It WAS a trick!"

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