Pregnancy Update

I have been trying to compare this pregnancy to the last pregnancy, and although I am significantly less freaked out about the unknown of labor, I am freaked out because I remember so much of it! I thought hormones were supposed to make women forget the pain, but oh do I remember. It hurts my back just thinking about the labor.

There are some things I want to remember about this pregnancy:
-I feel like Sam is having more fun with this baby. Although the Whack-a-Mole on my belly is getting a little tiring, I still like it.
-This baby is way more active than Alex was in the womb. I don't think it gets more active than Alex on the outside so I wonder what this kid will be like.
-Sometimes Alex will push his knee into my belly and Baby Bruce will poke back. Mommy gets caught in the middle every time!
-I have to go to the bathroom way more this time than I did last time. Sam called me a camel last pregnancy, but this time I have had to wake up in the middle of the night a few times!
-I have mild heartburn already. I didn't get it until the final two weeks last pregnancy.
-Sometimes it feels like my milk is letting down. I am not sure if that is normal, but it is bizarre.

As I have heard many other mothers say, I am also worried about loving both children. I want to spend time with both of them but I know I won't have as much time to give each of them as much time as Alex got. I want to love this baby so much, but I don't want Alex to feel rejected. Is it possible for me to love another baby as much as I love Alex? I feel a stronger bond to this baby than I did to Alex-in-womb. It took until after Alex was born for me to connect with him and accept that he really was my baby. I know I will love them both and I will have to find alone time to cuddle with each of them individually, I just hope neither of them feels like I favor one over the other.

25 weeks

30 weeks


Jenny Moses Lake said...

awww, how exciting!
I don't know how it feels to have a baby in me just yet, but I know you're going to be a wonderful mom to 2 beautiful babies!

I hope the pain goes away! Holy moly I am nervous about the pain!

Sarah... said...

Girl, it doesn't seem to get easier! You remember the pain with every baby. But, somewhere in there is the will and power to get through it! You look adorable.

Rachael and Jeff Downs said...

I can't believe you're already 30 weeks!! AWESOME!! You look great!

I have the same apprehensions and concerns about having another baby too. That's actually part of the reason we haven't gotten pregnant again...even though I would REALLY like another little child around, I always go back to the fact that it would mean not as much time with Wyatt...and I love our time SO MUCH. I know it might be a little selfish on my part, but...well, I still have time for more babies later ;) I love your posts so much, and I'm sorry we weren't able to see each other when you came down...let me know the next time you're here so we can make definite plans!!

Roo said...

You are still so tiny, your are a darling pregnant girl

The Harker's said...

I had heartburn horrible with Dylan, and TUMS was my best friend. Plus it has calcium that pregnant moms need too. Also, I would say don't be so concerned with splitting up time equally with both everyday. Some days one will need you more then the other. Trust me, with twins I definately had to deal with this. I didn't get to cuddle with Scott and Madeline as much as with Dylan, cause what was I to do? Cuddle with Scott while Madeline looked at us from the floor or something? Or vise versa? You'll spend quality time with both, and that is what matters. It all works out in the end.:)There's my two cents for all it's worth.:)

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