Being in Arizona and seeing old friends put me in a few awkward situations.

I am not really a hugger. There are times when hugging fits and it is comfortable; I have no problems hugging at those times. Although I am not the one to instigate a hug every time I arrive and depart from an event.

Seeing old friends, I was forced to decide... Hug? Parent Trap handshake? Regular handshake? High five?

Guys have it so much easier. Their choices are head nod or fist bump. The end.


The Paxton Family said...

Ugh! Thanks for this post! I am SO the same way! I almost always feel awkward with the hug, even with my in-laws! :-P
You can totally fist bump me next time we meet up :-)

Jenny Moses Lake said...

haha, I agree!
I don't want to be like those girls that insist on hugging for any occasion, whether it's because someone just went to the bathroom or they're just refilling their cups.

As long as you don't insist on having air fives. I learned that the hard way. Awkward.

Jershon & Shelly Lopez said...

Haha. I agree too! It is especially funny in Hawaii (and other places) where they hug and do the aloha kiss (fake kiss on the cheek)...I feel pretty awkward with those and never know if they are going to instigate it or not! Sometimes people initiate it and sometimes they don't. I never know what to do and always feel awkward when there is that 2 second pause to see if we are going to hug/aloha kiss or just shake hands. haha.

Elena said...

I don't mind hugging old guy friends but the whole boob touching thing makes it weird to hug girls. I usually go with the "emotionally supportive high-five" which I actually say to people at times :)

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