First kiss.

Four years ago, Sam and I were hanging out in the basement of his apartment. We had finished watching "The Ringer" and were watching one of those World's Strongest Man competitions on TV. He happened to have some dumbbells on the ground so I tried picking them up to show that I was also strong. I think they weighed 50 pounds. I couldn't even get one of them off the ground.

Sam must have thought I was pretty cute for even trying because after a few more minutes of flirting, he kissed me. It was such a sweet kiss. Each of us had only ever kissed one other person (not counting the Halloween when Sam was a kissing booth and whored it up with all sorts of girls - this was before we met) and I was so happy that he had kissed me. Happy enough that I couldn't contain it and I actually laughed. Then I kept laughing. I could not stop myself.

He seemed a little offended but at least he kissed me again. I got home and told my roommate Sam had kissed me and that I laughed at him. It was the start to a great relationship and many more laughs and kisses, although they don't usually go together anymore. At least, I am not laughing at the kisses. I never was laughing at the kisses. I was laughing because I was bursting with happiness. Sam just does that to me.

In lieu of a mushy kissing picture, here we are in 2007.


I think I first need to defend myself for being a kissing booth since I was accused of "whoring it up."  I stand by that Halloween costume as a great costume for an unattached single guy.  The fact that it actually worked made it even more awesome.  I thought it was a funny gag, and then some attractive girls actually kissed me.  What could be better?  It's not like anyone's feelings got hurt, or they felt like I was taking advantage of them. I suppose this goes in to my feelings about NCMO which is an entirely different subject.

Anyway, back to the kiss...to this day I still have trouble reading Emily's signals, and since going in for a first kiss is always kind of a leap of faith, at least it always was for me, it took a lot of time for me to get the courage up.  I still can't remember what exactly it was that made me decide to go in for it and then, terror of terrors after we kissed she busted up laughing!  It's a good thing she had allies in my roommates otherwise I'm not sure I could have seen her again and felt confident in my abilities.  Long story short, I'm glad it happened, and I plan to do it again...Right...NOW!


Janelle said...

When you said Sam was a kissing booth, I almost sent you a note saying there was a typo - that you missed the word "in" from that sentence. Then I read Sam's post and realized that he "was" the kissing booth. Genius. OK, so I had to look up NCMO in the urban dictionary.

Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

Haha This is awesome. Sam you are great.

The One Klar said...

I love this post. :) Full of happiness. Very good indeed.

Bridget said...

Awwww cute.

The Monsons said...

haha this cracks me up. Both of you are hysterical. I miss you guys and laughing at Sam's antics. Glad to hear the you are so in love. If it helps, I kind of giggled when Kyle first kissed me...it was just so funny the way he went about it, he was so nervous! I was probably too, which is why we laugh. Ha! Love you two!

Rachel said...

That's pretty funny and pretty awesome. Happy first kiss anniversary!

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