First Haircut

We waited a long time to give Alex his first haircut. Partly because I like his hair long and frizzy, partly because I refuse to pay to get his hair cut, and partly because I wanted my mom to teach my how to cut his hair.

Alex seemed okay with the idea until we wrapped the drape around his neck. He started crying and would not sit still. He got a little bit better and was happy to be held by me at the end of the ordeal. He looks very cute but his hair is fine so it still sticks up. We saved some of his hair to put in his baby book. I cannot believe we have such a blond little boy!




Rachel said...

Haircuts for babies are always hard. Your experience matches my own. Emi's had two hair cuts (just the back) because we're really trying to avoid the "mullet stage." Unfortunately, this is keeping her looking like a boy longer and longer. Oh well. Anything is better than a mullet.
Alex is a cutie! I love the hair cut! He's well on his way to becoming a little man.

Spencer and Anna said...

He looks very cute. I'm glad you all made it through unharmed. :)

Trina said...

What a Handsome little boy! Glad you got that over with and that he didn't have to suffer too long.

Bryan and Ellie said...

You both look great!

The Paxton Family said...

I have internet again! Now I get to read your blog the way it was meant to be read! :-)
Oh and I LOVE that picture of Alex in the middle, it's like he's so hurt that his Daddy would be a part of this and holding him down, and at the same time pleading for him to help! So cute!

Becky said...

Poor Alex! Not a fun experience!

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