I woke up super hot this morning. I looked at our atomic clock and it said it was 88 degrees inside. I could hear the heater still running. I remembered turning it on during the night because it was cold. (We have our heater turned off for a few weeks at a time and then turn it on for a day or two.) However, when I looked at the thermometer, it had been turned up to 100 degrees! I asked Sam why he hadn't turned it off earlier, and he said he thought it would turn off eventually. Yeah, 12 degrees later. Holy smokes.

The boys got naked so they wouldn't sweat to death. Sam is so good at making these boys laugh. They love playing with Daddy. The same Daddy who thinks Edison looks like a Shar Pei in this picture. I have to admit, he does. Look at those belly rolls and the tongue! Alex is such a happy kid. His laugh is the most adorable sound I have ever heard. These are my kind of people.



Janelle said...

88????!!!! We don't even let our house get that hot in the summer. I'm thinking your house doesn't have the kind of thermal storage necessary to be doing the 2 week off, 2 day on thing. If the goal is to save electricity, maybe just set it to 70 or so to keep the edge off the cold? I love those boys. Did you set up the pool in the kitchen? :)

Jershelly said...

100 degrees in the middle of winter. Haha. That's crazy!

SimplyHeather said...

Your boys are so adorable!!


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