My job is to teach my kids, play with them, feed them, and love them. Pretty simple, right? Except that I always act like I don't have time for them to make messes. But we have lots of time. So today I let them make lots of messes. I had to sweep the kitchen floor four times today, but they both had lots of fun.

Alex traced his fingers with markers. I tried to tell him that crayons are better suited for finger tracing.

Edison loves strawberries. He covers everything when he eats them.

The boys got haircuts and baths and the kitchen is clean again. Then Alex had an ice cream cone and got himself all sticky again. I think that means today was a great day. I am so glad I have time for my boys. Staying home with them is the best decision I have made as a mother.


Jershelly said...

That's something I need to allow more often as well... for Landon to make messes. And I agree. I'm so grateful that I am able to stay home with Landon (and soon to be Baby #2). I love getting to witness everything that Landon is learning.

Ben and Dena said...

Thanks for the reminder that there is always time for kids to be kids.

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