We got to the park this morning and we had the whole place to ourselves! It was awesome. Alex wanted to swing, and Edison is pretty much just along for the ride. Alex was laughing so hard while I was doing Underdogs that he couldn't catch his breath. Then he got the hiccups. His laughing and squealing make me so happy. Edison has also really grown to love the swing. Alex is always looking out for Edison, too. Alex alternates between saying, "Ready. Set. Go!" and "Push Edison!" I feel so overcome with love and happiness with my kids, that I can actually feel it in my chest. My boys are so special to me.



Geevz said...

Gorgeous photo!

Jershelly said...

I love these "picture-a-day" pictures that you are taking. I need to start doing this. And I also love this post. Alex is so considerate of Edison.

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