A Stranger

I felt kind of like a creepster today. I take pictures of strangers all the time, but usually I just send them to Sam. But to post a picture of a stranger on the internet, that's different. I took this picture while we were stopped at a red light today.

I really like how the mom is holding the steering wheel. I tried to imagine what she is feeling, and I think I can empathize with it: trying to focus on the road so your kids are safe, and yet being in a complete daze because your kids are strapped down and can't destroy anything for a few minutes. The best part, they are supposed to be strapped down, so you aren't even in trouble. Car rides are kind of bliss these days. The boys are so cute together and Alex really likes (over)sharing his snacks with Edison in the form of throwing all of his snacks into Edison's carseat. I get it, lady!


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Katie said...

This post made me smile. You're so great. Keep being you. It's motivating.

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