Having three boys in the house, there is a lot of blue around. We have balls and cars in every corner of our house. I wanted to post a picture of us all wearing our blue jeans, but my boys will not stay still! So it's just my jeans here. I wear these jeans six days a week. I have worn out all of my other pants, and I am changing sizes too much to warrant (in my mind) buying more. I wash them twice a week. Is anyone grossed out yet? I love these jeans.



Verity Kae said...

I NEVER wash my jeans and if I accidentally do, I am ticked the whole time I have to get them to fit right again! Haha! Twice a week compared to my at most once a month is pretty clean to me!

The Glad's said...

Haha. I am laughing at how true this blog post is about my life as well. At least your pants are jeans. With a zipper. And a button. I wear the same pair of blue sweat pants 6 days a week...and they usually don't get washed twice a week. I'm calling you an over-achiever :)

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