I have actually had nightmares about losing my hands. You know how some people (hand models, musicians) insure their hands? I feel like I need hand insurance; maybe that would help calm my hyponchondriasis about my hands. It would be so sad to lose the ability of my hands. Although I haven't used sign language for a few months, it is still very dear to my heart. I love seeing hands make beautiful motions with meaning. Sign language can carry such a strong emotion.

My little devil's hands are always occupied with cars. He builds towers, orchestrates crashes, and makes up elaborate stories. Alex's hands are quite talented. It has recently come to our attention that he is a champion at wielding a spoon. We didn't know before, but so many people have pointed out to us how well Alex eats with a spoon or fork. We knew he was good, we just thought it was normal. One of my new favorite things that Alex will do is that he insists on holding our hands when we cross the road or if I am walking too fast. I love his little hand in mine.


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