Today is National Pancake Day. We went to IHOP and got free pancakes for dinner. I put Alex's hunk of butter off to the side. Then later I looked over and it was gone. I made that mistake as a child, too. It is not ice cream.


Edison ate really well. Surprisingly well. He ate a lot of bread and about the same amount of syrup. I guess we shouldn't have been surprised by how much he liked the syrup.


The meal wasn't completely free because Sam ordered something extra and of course we tipped our waiter, but it was pretty cheap and extra delicious that I didn't have to cook tonight.


Camille Elise said...

Oh man! I wish I knew today was national pancake day. DOH. now i have to wait a WHOLE year for it to happen again. DARN. Glad y'all got to go though. :)

MeganandClaudy said...

i was tempted to go there as well! If I hadn't had visiting teaching at 6 I might have. Your boys are so cute. And darn it, why DO they have to make butter look like ice cream?? It's an evil plot.

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