Just in case I was in denial of Alex growing up, he decided to show me just how grown up he has become. Today, while we were playing in the front yard, he asked me if he could "Cross street, play with friends?" Somehow my baby has become two-and-a-half. Years, people!

This video makes me so happy. Alex is so smart and he retains information so quickly.

Alex has some quirks. He sure is a cute kid though. One of his quirks is his food habits. He isn't a very good eater, but he insists on his food being colors. He doesn't just ask for yogurt, he asks for green/blue/yellow yogurt. I am a pretty cool mom so I made him colored yogurt.


Never too young to learn how to use chopsticks, right? He might be better than I am.
We met Sam for lunch yesterday and went to a fancy Italian place. Alex was trying to be proper by cutting his bread.


The day I saw Alex using his screwdriver properly, my head exploded a little bit. He learns so many things each day.


He was sick a few weeks ago (at the same time as Edison). Poor kid. He bounced back very quickly though.


Alex is obsessed with the garbage truck. They pick up garbage twice a week in our neighborhood and he hears the truck every time. He runs to the front door for me to unlock it for him and then he follows the garbage men around our cul-de-sac. They love him, too. It's pretty cute that they even seem to be expecting him now.


We've been going on lots of long walks in order to get closer to the construction and tractors. The dump truck drivers and construction workers are always honking and waving at him.


Alex is really good at finding something to entertain himself with. Every day, he finds new uses for old toys.


Alex's favorite song is Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

Another quirk.

Why do so many words sound like he's cursing?!

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Laura And Matthew said...

HAHAHA I had to watch that last video like 5 times lol. Can't wait to see you guys in a couple weeks!

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