Edison's Edition (11 Months)

Weight: 20 pounds, 7 ounces
Length: 29.5 inches

According to Sam, "Sometimes Edison looks at me and looks like he might actually have thoughts in his head." I think that is his way of saying Edison is developing a personality, and fast! He is a punk. His most favorite activity is to clean off our bookshelves. He is such a good helper. When we tell him to stop, he turns around to look at us, then quickly turns back to the bookshelf with a sly smile and swipes as many books off as he can before we get over to him. He loves his mommy and will wander the house looking for me. He walks so much now. Each day, he walks more than I have ever seen him walk before. He has been alive for eleven months. Every day with him has been a blessing.

He loves making messes.

Even though he knows he shouldn't be doing it.

Naked is sometimes the cleanest way to eat.

His favorite past time.

Sleepy eyes.

Trapped in Alex's bed.

Big boys!

Look Ma, no hands!

He loves walking if we hold one hand, but not two.

I'm coming!

So high! Good thing Mommy's holding my back!

Traffic jam.

Some days are just tough.

He loves snuggling with soft things.

He is so sad that he can't do this anymore.

Discovering the latches was a sad day for him.

We had the camera turned so he could watch himself. He loved it.

He learned how to clap (2.14.12).

He loves playing with balls.

Every toy can become a weapon.

Here are a few more things Edison does for which I do not have a matching picture:
...got a new tooth (bottom left) for a total of seven (2.1.12)!
...does not tear books.
...said "Ball" while pushing around the exercise ball.
...can take a few steps, bend over to pick up a toy, and then stand back up and take a few more steps.
...wrestles with Alex and can actually handle himself!
...blows bubbles on our bellies.

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Janelle said...

'weapon' video plays 'found himself' video.

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