Self Portrait

Self portraits are a funny thing. I am not going to post a picture and then say, "Oh look how terrible I look!" Oh no. I took a few pictures. One of which I took at the gym. My face could not have been any more red. Then I took this picture and I was like, "Dang! I am smokin' hot!" So there's my self portrait. Let's pretend I look like this all the time.


But so as to not lower anyone's self-esteem because they don't look as awesome as I do, here's a crazy face picture. The spawn of Crazy got into the picture, too.



Katie said...

hahaha...so much satire. Love it. And yes, you look BEAUTIFUL.

Geevz said...

I love it!

Paxton said...

even with the silly face you look great!
i'm enjoying your posts, sorry that i'm not commenting more but i am reading them :-)

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