Front Door

Our front door is nothing spectacular. We don't even have a wreath for this season. Our walkway is currently covered in grass though. I mowed the lawn during the boys' naps today and Edison was desperate to get some of the leftovers in his mouth. Since the change in Daylight Saving Time, I have been our official lawn mower. It used to be almost completely dark by the time Sam got home from work, and I didn't want him to have to do it on Saturdays. Plus, I am pretty good at mowing the lawn. So good, in fact, that I should start a lawn mowing company. Now that is a saturated market here. It also isn't a very friendly take-your-child-to-work job. Especially considering that Edison is terrified of the lawn mower and poops his pants when he sees it. Luckily, pooping your pants at 10 months old is acceptable. I guess I will just stick to our lawn.



Holly Decker said...

this challenge REALLY works for you. it brings out the great writer in you, the greatness of your life, and your pictures are amazing. i am LOVING this. :)

Danielle said...

I am so glad you are doing this challenge. It is...such a time of reflection instead of just a record of what happens in your life. I don't mean that to be a back-handed compliment, I just really love these posts.


Paxton said...

The family makes the door cuter :-)

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