Something New

Alex has been complaining about his right eye hurting for a few months. A month ago, I set up an appointment with an pediatric ophthalmologist for today! This was definitely a new experience, one that I don't think Alex wants to repeat anytime soon. I should have gotten a babysitter for Edison. They wanted me to put Alex on my lap to help him hold still but Edison was causing all sorts of problems when I tried to do that. The assistant and doctor were both so great with Alex; singing him songs, talking to him about his toys, and telling stories. It was really nice.


Alex hated the eye drops. He was squirming so much. But his eyes were dilated (so dilated, they look ready to push out a baby) and the doctor shined lots of pretty lights at him. Turns out, his eyes are totally fine. The doctor said his eyes look very healthy. Since there was never any redness when Alex complained, I am just going to keep an eye on it and maybe get him checked in another year when he is more descriptive about the pain. Meanwhile, I let out a huge sigh of relief. My precious little boy's eyes are okay!



Janelle said...

cool dude glasses. love it.

The Monsons said...

That's good you got it checked out! Hopefully nothing more comes of it!

Jershelly said...

That's a little scary! I'm glad that his eyes are ok. I remember wearing those awesome sunglasses when I would get my eyes dilated when I was younger. Haha.

Kristi said...

Oh man, I remember when I got my eyes checked the first time and they DIDN'T give me sunglasses! AHHH! Walking back to the car on a bright sunshiney day was torture!

I'm glad he's okay though!

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