We had some new friends over for dinner and games tonight. They don't have any kids but they were so understanding of the messy food, banging toys, and the break in conversation as we put the boys to bed. It was a crazy day getting dinner ready and cleaning the house. Sam had to go home teaching and he wasn't back by the time Peter and Ariel got here. When they knocked on the door, the microwave was beeping, dinner was ready to be taken off the stove, and both boys were in their beds crying because they had just woken up from naps. It was fantastic. So basically, it was a little chaotic. But we had delicious tacos for dinner, Ariel brought amazing cheesecake for dessert, and we had fun playing Ticket to Ride.

After they left, we cleaned up, and then settled down to watch The Amazing Race. I never thought we would be the type of people who had a TV in their bedroom; we are now the type of people who only have a TV in their bedroom. It has been a great day and night.


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Kristi said...

Do they go to church with us? Did they just move in? We haven't met them yet. Sounds like dinner was a success!

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