Old Comps

One of Sam's old companions came into town. They live in Austin but they were leaving on a cruise from Galveston and stopped in Houston to go to the temple. Sam was really excited to see his companion and I was excited to meet him and his wife. They have the coolest story of how they met. In the upper corner on Facebook, it says Suggested Friends. He saw an itty-bitty picture of her, thought she was pretty, so he sent her a message. They had a few friends in common and it just went from there.

Some friends from our ward babysat for us and we went out to dinner to a Mediterranean restaurant. It was really fun and it was nice to get to know them. Steve is finishing up his Masters and Erica is a psychologist. After dinner, we picked up the boys from the sitters and then came home and put the boys to bed. They have only been married for a year so they don't have any kids yet.


We played Ticket to Ride, ate seven layer dip and fondue, and talked for hours. It was so nice and I was talking about how much fun I had for a week. I really wish they lived closer. We are going to plan a trip to see them in Austin soon!



Janelle said...

Sam's facial hair cracks me up. I think it's different every single time I see him (or picture of him). It sounds like you had a fun evening.

Kristi said...

Neat! Robbie has a mission companion that lives in Austin too. Only I think me and his wife keep in touch better than Robbie and he do. His wife is a doula so we talk a lot about birthy stuff.

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