Mei's Moments (2 Months)

Weight: 11 pounds, 13 ounces
Length: 22.5 inches

I got a late start on this post tonight because I was snuggling a little lady. She doesn't need to be held but I want to hold her. I do not want to do anything unless I can do it while holding her. Oh Mei Mei Mei. Two months old and living the glamorous life of sleeping, eating, and staring at ceiling fans. I have loved getting to know her better this month. I feel like I bonded with her in the womb more than I did my other kids so it's like we have been together longer than two months. I don't like to be away from her. It seems so easy to have her along with me throughout all of my activities. She is not a burden in any way and I love her company. Declan, Mei, and I spend most of every day together. He is equally infatuated with her. One day she gave a little cry and Declan ran over and said, "It seems like she needs a kiss... from her big brother." He has filled the role beautifully.

Ceiling fans #1 fan // Such a beauty!

Eyelids. So. Heavy.

Time for a prayer

Snuggling with Mei makes Mommy smile too.

Her face can show so many emotions. I want to hear her thoughts.

She knows how to work a microphone, errr, hand.

She puts up with kisses from her brother. Then she tries to suck on his nose.

She is still a solid sleeper. Very little wakes her up until she is ready.

She did not like being propped up at the beginning of the month but does not seem to mind anymore.

Bed head!

It looks like she is about to fly away.

I am still not really into bows. If she has a bow on though, 95% of the time it is this white one.

I love her little hands. Sometimes they quiver for no apparent reason and it is adorable.

Grocery store with all of the kids. No room for food!

Baby stretches are the best invention ever.

"I want to suck your blood!"

"Save me! He's so squeezy!"

She looks so soft and relaxed. I want to stroke her cheek!

She grabbed her pacifier out of her mouth and held it. When did she grow up and start to learn she has hands?!

"The flash is too bright, Mommy!"

Random spit up four hours after she last ate. Chunky.

Speaking of chunks...


"More pictures? It's endless with you!"

Chilling in the stroller with the mail.

The two pictures before this were of a sad Mei and then BAM! Plugged.

Hanging out at her brothers' baseball game.

I was sewing and the machine kept startling her. I turned on white noise on the phone and her entire body sank into the chair so relaxed. It was my first time turning on synthetic white noise for her and she was very soothed by it.

She was looking at the TV. I would turn her head toward me and she would turn it right back. Fine, baby. I didn't want to watch TV anyway. Hmph.

"Why can I see the top of this giant's head?"

Smiles and pedaling feet

Photobombed by Declan's fingers

Want more Mei? She...
...still sleeps in a Pack-N-Play in our room. I keep thinking about moving her into her room but she does not really interfere with our lives and it is nice to have her so close. She has been sleeping completely through the night for about three weeks so it would not be too difficult to have her in her own room.
...usually sleeps nine hours straight at night. If she goes to bed at 9pm then she wakes up at 6am. 10pm bedtime means 7am wakeup. It's phenomenal. She alternates eating and sleeping all day long. Around dinner time she wakes up and is awake for a couple of hours, she cluster feeds, and then she is out for the night.
...started social smiling at six weeks. She gives great smiles. I also love seeing Sam's face when he sees her smile. I feel like a photographer who turns to see the groom when he first sees his bride. Most people are looking at the bride, and she is beautiful, but I love the adoration on the groom's face.
...lifts her head during tummy time but then faceplants and gets very angry.
...must have her diaper changed immediately after she poops or everyone will hear about it.
...nursed 240 times this month for a total of 3,222 minutes. She eats approximately every 2-4 hours until right before bed and then she usually nurses twice within an hour. It is hard for me to keep myself from laughing out loud when I start nursing Mei. Hormones are crazy.
...still loves her hands. At one point I was having to pin down her bottom arm while she was nursing otherwise she would pull off the breast and try to sneak her thumb in.


Olivia said...

She's growing so fast!

Carissa and Tanner said...

I love all the pics and all your captions!

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