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Today is the last day of NaBloPoMo. I feel like I have been extremely boring and said the same things over and over. Although November is now well-documented, it did not help me catch up on the past 14 months of posts.

I am extremely sick today. I slept in and canceled a play date after school and took a nap instead. I am getting dehydrated though and it is complicating nursing so I need to fight through the pain to drink more water. I was in charge of mutual and it was at my house so I had to at least organize the activity and clean the house. Part of cleaning the house was getting the sewing machine off of my dining room table. Shelbey fixed all but one of the things that needed sewn so I buckled down and tried to figure out how to add sleeves to a shirt so they would not be see-through. I knew it would not be perfect but it turned out even better than I imagined! I wore it tonight and it felt fabulous. Finishing projects is my favorite thing. Now I can pack away the sewing machine for another six months.

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