Day of Eleven

We kept our tradition alive of celebrating 11/11 11:11. It was extra special this year because it was 11/11/11. A whole day full of elevens. Awesome.


Ignore the water spots on our glasses. I am proud of myself for even finding them.
Ignore the atrocity that is my hair. I have no excuse.

Neither of these pictures were taken at 11:11 though. It's a one minute party. You have to spend that time celebrating!


Naomi Mae said...

I knew it was coming! I thought of you all day that day! Seriously, I love that you celebrate this day/minute every year. It makes me happy!

Naomi Mae said...

Oh and since you are such an awesome "minute" party-er I want to officially invite you to our New Years party this year, kids will have their own floor to play in :-)
I realize it might be a bit of a drive for you, so I'll forgive you if you can't make it. Just wanted you to know you're invited :-)

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