Giving Thanks

Our lives are so full of blessings. Narrowing it down to just three things is so hard. I feel like my prayers last a really long time because I have a million things for which I am grateful. We each narrowed it down to three things.

Sam is thankful for:
1. A job that pays the bills.
2. A wife who is willing to stay home and rear the kids.
3. A car that can get me to work every day.

Emily is thankful for:
1. A healthy body. Bodies are amazing and I love that my body can adapt to the strain I place upon it.
2. Sunshine. I love being able to take the boys outside every day.
3. Family. It is hard to live so far away from family but I am grateful we are able to see family members and talk anytime we want.

Alex is thankful for:
1. Water and dirt. As long as the water is for playing in and not drinking, and the dirt is for eating and playing in.
2. Candy. And a Dad who is willing to bribe with suckers.
3. Things that move. Cars, trucks, airplanes, all animals, etc.

Edison is thankful for:
1. A mouth. Where would all of the wonderful things in the world (such as pens) go if mouths didn't exist?
2. Carpet. Much comfier to crawl on carpet than the tile.
3. Crinkly things. They are a fantastic toy and taste delicious.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Naomi Mae said...

Cute! I agree with Edison on mouths, where WOULD all the wonderful things like cheesecake go, if it weren't for mouths?

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