A few months ago, I started seeing pictures of people doing something really strange. They called it planking. It was bizarre in and of itself, but I was mostly interested in how fast it had spread and how well-known it was. It seemed that it was extremely popular before I had even heard of it. I am used to feeling out of the loop in family-related things because we live so far away, but this was a widespread phenomenon and I had completely missed the boat. I started asking people if they had heard of it, how long ago they heard of it, and what they thought about it.


One night during a combined activity for mutual, the youth started playing some strange game where they held hands and tried poking each other. I asked them what it was called and they said it was called the Finger Game. I called two of my younger brothers that night and they both said they knew what it was, but called the game by different names. David (16-years-old) played it, and Jared (18-years-old, no longer in high school) was familiar with it but didn't play. They actually started recommending different games to me, including the Ninja Game.


Then I learned that planking was kind of "out of style." In the time since I had learned about planking, it had already been replaced by Owling, Leisure Diving, and Stocking. But those were already old news, too. If you weren't Horsemaning, you weren't cool. Horsemaning was short-lived. Batmanning replaced it, and that's when I decided I am way too lazy to be cool.

Edison and Sam horsemaning.

This stuff is fascinating to me. Is it actually fun to these people or do they just play it because everyone else is playing it? After spending hours (no joke) thinking about these games, I've realized that I am just old. I don't get it. And now begins the Great Divide between me and the "cool" kids. Pray for my children.

Thankfully, Edison doesn't really seem to be into planking either.



Geevz said...

Careful, you are starting to sound old :)

I knew the finger game as "swords." I remember when Clay introduced it to me in high school. Maybe you should introduce them to steam roller.

Naomi Mae said...

I don't know what any of those are.
When I was in school the guys played knuckles and that's about all I remember.

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