Ice Blocking

For FHE last week, we went ice blocking. We went in the retention basin behind our house. The hill is not very steep at all and the grass kept stopping us. Sam was the only one who got a good ride down the hill. But it was still fun. Alex enjoyed running around and I think I saw Edison looking at us like he thought we were crazy. That's what makes a good Family Home Evening, right?






Naomi Mae said...

Winter time fun in Texas :-)
Edison's look is hilarious by the way! Love that chubby little guy!

Rachael and Jeff Downs said...

You guys are so funny! That's an AWESOME FHE!! (And you look FABULOUS, by the way!! Not that you don't always, but holy moly! Talk about a smokin' hott mama!!)

Holly Decker said...

best. fhe. ever.
and... i second rachael.

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