Unions and Reunions

Yesterday was eventful for my family. Two siblings had very exciting things happen.

First, my sister Michelle had her second child. I am so excited to meet him at Thanksgiving. I miss having a small baby and I will be stealing him for lots of cuddle time. I told Michelle to watch out, because I am lactating, so I could steal the baby and rear him as my own.


Born 11.2.11, 4:09pm. 8 pounds, 5 ounces. 20.5 inches.

Just a few hours later, my brother Nathanael returned from his two year mission to Ukraine. I haven't seen him since August 2009. Flannel and I have grown very close through letters during the last two years and I look forward to catching up with him in person. He is all grown up now. Thanksgiving is going to be awesome!



Elena said...

Your brother looks so old! I seriously remember him as a 12 year old. Crazy. Congrats to the Neil Family!

Holly Decker said...

i KNEW something exciting happened! I saw a sign at your parents house... how long will you be down? cuz... its kinda complicated for me, but Jeff is coming down for Wed, Thur, Fri... I can't pry myself from him during those days. if you are going to be here longer, though, we should play.

Jershelly said...

My brother just came home from his mission too (yesterday)!

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