His Very Own Coupe

Outside our Ithaca apartment, there were a ton of toys that no current residents owned. They had become community property. Alex would run out our door and sit in a Cozy Coupe and we couldn't get him to move. Sometimes it was hard to get him to the real car because he would be sitting in the little car. The Cozy Coupes would get dragged around the complex and I would track them down and bring them right back outside our door. I loved seeing Alex in them. The sad thing was that older kids would stand on top of them so all of the axles were broken and the wheels were cracked.

We were driving home from one of Sam's softball games a few weeks ago and noticed that someone had an exceptionally large pile of garbage on the curb. We saw that they had a Cozy Coupe sitting out there, too! Sam threw the car in reverse and we loaded it up. They also had a stack of chairs that will be perfect for our deck, and a small dump truck which Alex loves. Besides being a little faded with stickers peeling, this coupe is in perfect condition!

Alex loves it. He brings it inside and loads it up with his toys in the back compartment. I love watching him hop in and close the door. Or jump out and close the door. He is so careful to not drive over Edison. If he wants to take his cup in the car, Sam tells him, "No drinking and driving!" It is his very own coupe. I love seeing him so happy.


Melissa said...

Awesome find!

Geevz said...

Yay for free stuff!

Naomi Mae said...

Score! I saw on a blog called better after a lady had reprinted on of those after hers had faded, she made it look much cooler too! It's been on my list to find and try for a while now.

I love finding things in dumpsters or garbage, seriously, best find!

Janelle said...

You'll have to put these pictures up next to one in a real car when he gets his license.

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