Since this is a common question we are asked, I figured I would just blog about it. Sam is doing really well at SLB and loves his job! He works in the corporate headquarters for the United States and Canada. He works with high level headcount, attrition, and recruiting issues. He is a Personnel Representative. He supports almost 9,000 employees. He has a boss who places a lot of demand on him, which is good because he can show her his skills. Whenever he tells someone in the company what he does, they are always so impressed/jealous that he has so many responsibilities.

He rarely has to work at home. He has stayed late a few nights, but not many. I have only heard him on the phone with his boss once. This is such a difference from security system installation and graduate school that I can hardly believe he is all mine (I do share him with two little people though) when he gets home.

Sam worked for a few security companies during grad school. At one point, he was working for three at the same time. One never paid us though which is totally lame. When he got a job career, I was so excited that he would no longer have ridiculous hours. I thought we were done with security systems. But somehow Sam keeps getting tricked back into doing more work. Icon Security needed a service technician to go on a couple of trips to send signals. That's easy money, so Sam said he would go. He went to West Texas, and then a few weeks later, he went to the Midwest.


While he was gone, we just went about our normal business at home. We definitely missed him though.


On my birthday, Sam left to Midland, Texas, for a site visit with SLB. He has to do a certain number of site visits during the first few years. They want him to learn about different positions so he can get a sense of the company as a whole. A lot of people in the office came from an oilfield service workers. Because he didn't, it is really important for him to get a sense of what happens on rigs. It helps him understand the business so he can better support the people in the field.



I love seeing what Sam thinks it picture-worthy. I need to give him the camera more often. He makes me laugh.


Spencer and Anna said...

It kind of looks like Sam is wearing little hoop earrings in the bottom picture. :) Sounds like Sam.

Merkley Jiating said...

Those are Sam's ear plugs. We were cracking up about that same thing though!

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