That's right. Edison is mobile. He scooted around for a month and then at the ripe, old age of 7 months and 1 day (10.28.11), Edison found the motivation to get up on his hands and knees. Alex was eating goldfish and spilled them all over the carpet. Within a few seconds, Edison had crawled across the room and was stuffing them in his mouth. That's a true man: motivated by food.


He went back to scooting maybe three times. But he is a solid crawler now. It is surprising to me to find him in a different room than I left him in. Or to be in one room and have him peek his head around the corner. He is into everything already! Pulling books off shelves, eating any paper he can get in his hands, and chewing up Alex's toys. We really have to keep our eyes on this little Nugget now!

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Holly Decker said...

i love this video times a MILLION. priceless! its like Alex is running around him saying, "oh, yeah? TRY THIS!!!" your boys are ADORABLE, em, ADORABLE!

ps. am I allowed to call you em?

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