Zoo Free Day

We went to November's free day at the zoo. I wanted Sam to be able to come but didn't want him to have to drive separately. So we stopped at SLB on the way to Houston and picked up Sam. Alex was so excited to see Daddy early. Just a few minutes early.

Alex was staring at the elephants. As usual. Although I was surprised that he seems to have gotten over elephants a little bit. A new animal stole his heart...


The monkey was sitting right by the window. It was so close and it just stayed there the whole time. Alex was completely enthralled by it.


Edison was looking all over the place. So many fun things to see! It could only be better if I would have let him crawl around and taste a few things.


The giraffes were my favorite this time. They seemed so natural. They were just walking around like they were home. Alex wanted to go for a ride, but this giraffe wasn't feeling up to it.


Edison looking at the fishies. He was holding onto the fence so tight. And I was standing right behind him with my hands up, because it would have been a long drop. We were counting the fish and after we said, "Eight," Alex said, "Nine." We didn't know he knew numbers that high.


We stayed until the zoo was closing. As we were walking out, we walked past some (very loud) birds. Alex was trying to drag us back to them and was saying, "Birds, birds!"

Since our zoo day, Alex asks to go see the animals at the zoo. Every day. For over a week, he carried around a zoo pamphlet that included the map and pictures of a few animals, including one of a monkey. When I put on his shoes, he says, "Mun-tees!" He thinks we are going to the zoo every time we leave the house. If only.


Rachael and Jeff Downs said...

I love the zoo!! How fun for you guys! I'm thinking now that the weather has cooled down over here that I might make my own trip to the zoo...

Naomi Mae said...

Giraffes are my favorite! And I am always bummed out that I cannot ride them, so I am totally with Alex on that one!

Man I miss the zoo! And going out and doing fun stuff all the time! You are such a great mom for finding all the cheap/free stuff to enjoy! Lucky boys!

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