Preschool Party, no. 2

We had our own preschool Halloween party. A lady in our ward organized three different preschool groups based on age. We had the party in the church building and it was crazy! There were so many kids. People brought family members and grandparents. There were people I had never even met before!

It was really fun though. There were a lot of cute games for the kids and Alex and Edison both loved it!


Edison had just learned to crawl and he was one happy camper. He was crawling all over the room and shoving candy wrappers and leftovers into his mouth.


I was so surprised that Alex was actually frosting the cookie. I expected him to stuff it right in his mouth. Eventually he did lick the knife, but he lasted for a few minutes, and that is a lot more than I expected!


All the cute kiddos in their costumes.


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wendy said...

oh my gosh! Edison looks so much like you! That's the first time I've really noticed it.

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