Babe Ruth World Series

I was pretty excited about the Babe Ruth World Series coming to Williston. I didn't realize how awesome it would be though. I bought a family pass for $50 so we could go to as many games as we wanted. It ended up being totally worth it because we went to at least part of every single game (excluding the Sunday games). It became a drug to me; it made me giddy.

The day before the games started, they had a parade. We were a little late heading there and then got stuck in traffic because the road was already closed for the parade. So we parked and ran across the park. We still got to see a few floats and the boys got more than enough candy.

 photo WorldSeries1_zps9fe573b6.jpg

Saturday morning, we went to the Opening Ceremony. Phil Jackson was there. He is from Williston. That man is a giant!

 photo WorldSeries2_zpsa686ac0b.jpg

The Jordans went to all of the games, too. It was so fun to have a friend to hang out with and talk to while we watched baseball and the kids played together. Maggie is so awesome and I was more than happy to spend eight hours a day with her.

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The games started at 11am, 1:30pm, 5:30pm, and 8pm. That meant we were at the ball field through a lot of nap times and bedtimes. The boys adjusted well as the week went on. Every time we got home, they would totally crash though.

 photo WorldSeries4_zps8ad49712.jpg

Food was a main attraction. It was hard for me to stop eating. I had my first taco in a bag. It was so amazing! People in North Dakota are obsessed with these things (they call them tacos in a baaaag). I am a big fan.

 photo WorldSeries5_zps54538a23.jpg

It was the hottest week so far this year. The kids found shelter under the bleachers.

 photo WorldSeries6_zps47710132.jpg

On Monday morning, we headed back to the field. We clocked a total of seven hours there that day.

 photo WorldSeries7_zpse0b6d9e4.jpg

Sam would leave work at lunch time to meet us for an hour. The food at the field was way better than we had at home because I hadn't been cooking anything. We ate lunch and dinner there every day. It was really cheap though! They had a Chef of the Day each day who would sell amazing food and donate the proceeds to the Series. It was fabulous. I just do what I can to support young talent...

 photo WorldSeries8_zps3fde77b3.jpg

The boys had lots of sweets. Including cotton candy. I am a sucker for cotton candy.

 photo WorldSeries9_zpsf233d094.jpg

One of the coaches handed the boys a baseball. Declan became very protective of it.
Alex was doing this thing where he would put his fingers to his mouth and make a really high-pitched and loud sound to pretend he was whistling. It was weird.

 photo WorldSeries10_zps8a8da499.jpg

Back again on Tuesday. Another hot day. We were there for six hours that day.

 photo WorldSeries11_zps011fe40d.jpg

 photo WorldSeries12_zps225c9c57.jpg

 photo WorldSeries13_zps0e987a03.jpg

Sam's dreams came true when he caught a ball.

 photo WorldSeries14_zpsa247899c.jpg

The people who ran the cotton candy machine knew me. I was a regular. They invited me to their house for Halloween because they make cotton candy then, too. You better believe I am going.

 photo WorldSeries15_zps4297dd49.jpg

Wednesday. Another day at the ball field. Six and a half hours.

 photo WorldSeries16_zps5e77b5d1.jpg

 photo WorldSeries17_zps7c50a6b8.jpg

Thursday morning was the skills competition. We clocked seven hours at the field that day. The skills included golden spikes (relay race around the bases), bean Bob (throw at a target and get points depending on where you hit it), around the horn (throw the ball around all of the bases twice), and the home run derby (with a shortened fence). The winner of the home run derby hit two home runs.

 photo WorldSeries18_zps3df7c29c.jpg

We saw a team warming up with an invisible ball. It was so funny to watch. The coach would pretend to hit the ball and then the players would dive to "catch" it and then make the plays at the bases.

 photo WorldSeries19_zps2511c368.jpg

We sent Alex to buy his own hot dog. Hilarious. The boys only cared about the food.

 photo WorldSeries20_zps25fe5924.jpg

The Niederhausers met us to watch a game that night. My white trash child thought he owned the place and ran around bare-footed.

 photo WorldSeries21_zps28c1fce9.jpg

On Friday, Sam took Alex and Edison to the Fathers and Sons campout. It was weird to be at the game with just Declan (and Maggie, of course)! I left the game for about an hour and went to Nikki's house for a girls night. We had delicious naan pizzas and Italian cream sodas. Then I had to get back to the game. I was addicted.

 photo WorldSeries22_zps4084f32d.jpg

We met a lot of people during these games. I felt like we were the most consistent people there outside of parents and host families. We met a Tennessee dad who was complaining about how the players have to stay with host families and the parents have to stay in a hotel. He didn't like Williston because he had seen a wreck happen. I still have never seen a wreck happen here. It was sad that he wasn't impressed with Williston because this week of the World Series was my favorite week in Williston. It was the best experience I have had here. It was hot and sweaty, but fun and full of camaraderie. I wish every week were World Series week.

 photo WorldSeries23_zps8c97676e.jpg
Back with Maggie at the game. Our home.
Rosalie and Declan were very cooperative children. (This is when Declan got his first drink of water. He seemed confused by it.) Vaughn, Alex, and Edison were probably running around causing problems.

 photo WorldSeries24_zpsb87524aa.jpg

Saturday was the last day of the World Series and there was only one game that day. I could feel the end nearing. It was sad.

 photo WorldSeries25_zpsd90260e1.jpg

Sam was on his way to Bogota so he didn't get to go to the final game but SLB was the Chef of the Day. They served the most amazing Greek gyros. I have been craving them. Sam got the recipe from his coworker who is from Greece and made them. They are on our menu for this Sunday and I can't wait!

 photo WorldSeries26_zps8f5c65ae.jpg

The boys were a little burnt out. They found the shade under the bleachers again.

 photo WorldSeries27_zps1b222a99.jpg

The team from El Segundo won the championship game. It was kind of a blow out which was disappointing. The other team (Lawrenceburg, Tennessee) got run-ruled so the game ended 11-1 in the bottom of the 6th. There were 3,091 people at that game. It was hot, hot, hot! I don't know how my mom sat through all of our games while I was growing up! I sat through a 95 degree game and thought I was going to die.

 photo WorldSeries28_zpsd87490f1.jpg

Little kid baseball is awesome. These kids (13-14 year olds) play major league rules (they can lead off, run on a dropped third strike, wear metal cleats) but they are still super excited about it and are really into baseball. It isn't a job for them, yet. Although many of them hope to make it a job. This is the pinnacle of their lives, thus far. I was talking to some players on the bleachers and asked if any of them wanted to go pro and they all got these little smiles on their faces and sheepishly nodded. It was adorable. I went through withdrawals after the World Series was over. I didn't know what to do without baseball each day. Best sport ever!


Jershelly said...

You are awesome Emily! That series looks like a lot of fun!

Geevz said...

So I had to google this babe ruth league to figure out what it was. It does sound like fun! Although I have a very short attention span for baseball. Now the food, I'm with you there. A taco in a bag sound genius.

Janelle said...

Yep, you're a Neil. Alex's shirt says it all. "Eat Sleep Baseball"
We had those tacos in a bag for the first time last month. They call them "walking tacos" (I guess because you can walk around while eating without making a mess). Glad you could soak in all that heat and sunshine. Wish it would last a little longer.

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