Herding Cats (AKA Tot Soccer)

Williston parks and rec started a toddler league for soccer this year. It was the first time they had ever offered soccer for 3-5 year olds and it was a little crazy, but I am not sure what I expected; these kids are young!

I had to miss the first week of soccer because I was in Minot for the Run or Dye. My friend Nikki took lots of pictures and a few videos for me though! She sent them to me and I started crying watching Alex play soccer like a real kid.

 photo Soccer1_zps92324fd3.jpg

 photo Soccer2_zpsb2d35429.jpg

 photo Soccer3_zps4e2f4e3a.jpg

 photo Soccer4_zps1db667e4.jpg

 photo Soccer5_zps0bef5bca.jpg

 photo Soccer6_zps964b3d93.jpg

 photo Soccer7_zps5209d409.jpg

 photo Soccer8_zps49b828f5.jpg

 photo Soccer9_zpsc577a2eb.jpg

 photo Soccer10_zps8100eb34.jpg
That's it! I'm taking my ball and going home.

 photo Soccer11_zps05ca796b.jpg 

We missed the second week because we were in Bismarck for Sam to run the half marathon.

On the third week, it was a little chilly. The boys had been camping and we went straight to soccer just two minutes after they got home. Alex was tired and cranky.

 photo Soccer12_zpsd2c21b56.jpg

His whole life we have been telling him not to take things from other kids and then kids would take the ball from him and no one did anything about it. He is plenty competitive in other things in his life so I am sure it will cross over to sports soon.

 photo Soccer13_zpsa5ea450b.jpg

They were doing a drill where they were supposed to kick the ball forward and then turn around and kick it back. Alex only picked up on the "turn around" part. I could not stop laughing.

 photo Soccer14_zps65c19120.jpg

 photo Soccer15_zps26bd717a.jpg

The fourth week was the coldest week. It was windy and freezing. The kids practiced for a while and then played a game against another team and it was such a mess. "Herding cats" aptly describes the scene.

 photo Soccer16_zpsc8a1c9b4.jpg

Alex is pretty uncoordinated. It was hilarious to watch him try. I am excited to see his motor skills develop as he gets older.

 photo Soccer17_zpsd7fa25f6.jpg

 photo Soccer18_zpsed83e745.jpg

 photo Soccer19_zpse57dadfe.jpg
Alex giving us thumbs up!

The fifth and final week was the Jamboree. Alex was really loving it. He was having a blast running around. Sometimes he would just stand in one place and cheer on his teammates.

 photo Soccer20_zps9d57920e.jpg 

 photo Soccer21_zps1b34c415.jpg

 photo Soccer22_zpsca4aac59.jpg

He was in his own little world on the soccer field. It reminded me of how I used to make my coaches so angry because I would do cartwheels in the outfield in the middle of games. I wonder what sports Alex will fall in love with. There are so many choices!

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Great pictures! So cute and so fun!

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