Way Back

Papa and Gramma Neil had a joint 80th birthday party in Arizona in December. I took some pictures and blogged about it back then but I didn't have the pictures from the first stop of the progressive dinner or the group pictures we had taken with our tartan scarves. It took a while to get the pictures but I finally got them! So happy to see my beautiful family.

 photo Scottish1_zpscd8de7eb.jpg

 photo Scottish2_zpsa8fbf86f.jpg

 photo Scottish3_zps372c8159.jpg
Adam, Stuart, and Flannel

I post a lot of unflattering pictures of people. So here is my retribution. 20+ weeks pregnant with Declan and looking super hot.
 photo Scottish6_zps0f10926e.jpg
Alex and Mommy; Carlee and Riley

 photo Scottish7_zpse75a57de.jpg
AnnMarie and Flannel

 photo Scottish4_zps51168d34.jpg

 photo Scottish5_zpscf5e9cc6.jpg
Yay, we're Scottish!

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