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Normally I do these miscellaneous posts more often but somehow the last six months have flown by and I have been slacking. It is crazy to look at snippets of these boys over the span of six months. Hair grows, pants get shorter, personalities evolve, they stay cute.

Alex (4 years, 2 months):
Weight - 34 pounds
Height - 3 feet, 3 inches

Edison (2 years, 6 months):
Weight - 31 pounds
Height - 3 feet, 1 inch

It didn't seem to warm up until August. So we played outside as much as possible on the warm days. We were still wearing jackets at the end of June. After the snow melted, we got constant rain. It seems to cool down at night and we spent most of the summer with the windows open day and night.

 photo Misc1_zpscf8132cd.jpg

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We went and saw Despicable Me 2 with the Althoffs. It was the girls' first time seeing a movie in the theater.

 photo Misc17_zps7cd9093e.jpg

Our cute little friends turned two in April. Happy birthday, Madisyn and Alexa!

 photo Misc2_zps8d8dfbef.jpg

 photo Misc3_zps47d64249.jpg

Frozen yogurt is delicious. The boys ask to go every single time we drive by it. I wish we could go that much.

 photo Misc4_zps920fac46.jpg

Got to put the kids to work while they're young.

 photo Misc5_zps113b23c7.jpg

Edison is a punk. I am not just saying that. See below for proof.

 photo Misc8_zps637e8d56.jpg

  photo Misc9_zps768d1bc4.jpg

 photo Misc24_zpsfa8bea3c.jpg

Edison learned how to climb out of his bed. He did it as often as possible for a while but has since chilled out and doesn't climb out anymore.

 photo Misc6_zps809f06a8.jpg

He may be a punk, but he is totally a cute punk. And he knows how to work it.

 photo Misc11_zps5adf9ddf.jpg

 photo Misc26_zps90cdbc4e.jpg

Edison has a freckle on his ankle. He points to it all the time and is very concerned about it being an owie. Once we tell him it is just a freckle he says, "Oh. Right."

 photo Misc30_zpsdb8c4ab1.jpg

 photo Misc10_zps00611278.jpg

We have wardrobe malfunctions sometimes.

 photo Misc14_zpsa0ead16f.jpg

 photo Misc36_zpsc29d637f.jpg

I watched Matthew pitch in his AAA debut.

 photo Misc21_zps8bb467db.jpg

The Williston Toddler Days group had a fun Field Day.

 photo Misc22_zps36bed3ae.jpg

 photo Misc23_zps0ccc2227.jpg

Williston Toddler Days went on a tour of the library. The boys demonstrated how not to behave in libraries.

 photo Misc43_zpse031d8d2.jpg

Williston Toddler Days had a mom's night out.

 photo Misc68_zps6b2a5e93.jpg

We go to the library once a week with the Althoffs.

 photo Misc27_zps490a93ff.jpg

 photo Misc58_zps4ad6ccfd.jpg

 photo Misc62_zps39e18554.jpg

Play dates with so many friends! We love playing with friends and Alex asks me every day if we can invite over some friends.

 photo Misc28_zps9a223ab6.jpg

 photo Misc48_zps282dfd77.jpg
Alex and Vaughn

We played at the Althoffs a few weeks ago and Alyssa planned a fun marshmallow activity. I was so impressed by Alex making his name out of the toothpicks and marshmallows. He is a smart little boy.

 photo Misc69_zps835b2970.jpg

Alex doesn't want to take a nap most days. He falls asleep in his bed about half of the time. If he is being extra wild then I let him stay in the play room and read books but I put a blanket on the floor for him in case he wants to lie down. One day I went in and saw his dinosaur watching over him as he slept. Alex talks in his sleep, too. At full volume. That's always fun to be jolted awake by some gibberish he is yelling. He gets that from Sam.
Sam, asleep at 1:13am: What the what?
Emily: What?
Sam: I thought I saw a katydid.
Emily: A what?
Sam: A reflection of a katydid. I just thought I saw one.
Emily: ???
Sam: {snoring...}

 photo Misc31_zpsddba4a3f.jpg

Alex eats two or three apples a day.
Alex: Do you want an apple, Mom?
Emily: No thanks, I have to go to the dentist in a few minutes.
Alex: Then who's going to take care of us?!
Emily: Daddy's coming home.
Alex: Fun!

 photo Misc32_zps6c282dd2.jpg

Sometimes Sam has to go on site visits. He looks so silly.

 photo Misc33_zpsdcffba21.jpg

Declan used to be so tiny!

 photo Misc34_zps4fd7e69b.jpg

 photo Misc35_zpse9471150.jpg

The boys like to play with their food. So many foods fit wonderfully onto fingers. Mommy didn't even know!

 photo Misc37_zpsb9b3f23a.jpg

In general, they are just messy eaters. Alex spilled something on the floor and cleaned it up. With his tongue.
Edison gets yogurt out of the fridge and a spoon and helps himself.

 photo Misc47_zps3a9e639c.jpg

 photo Misc60_zps58e54dd5.jpg

This was my first shopping trip with all three boys. I was so impressed with myself. Now it happens every week. They are very cooperative most of the time. Sometimes I get annoyed when we are checking out at the grocery store but I want to work on being more grateful that they are grabbing candy instead of looking at the magazines. Because I know that one day they won't care as much about the candy anymore.

 photo Misc38_zpscf4a4a98.jpg

The boys each read one verse from the Book of Mormon before bed. I think looking at the pictures is their favorite part though.

 photo Misc40_zps2add953b.jpg

They are both very good at reminding me to say prayers before meals.

 photo Misc41_zps7e71cb9c.jpg

 photo Misc53_zps5991ba3c.jpg

 photo Misc42_zps53063c42.jpg

If Edison wants to show us something, he yells, "Yuuuuuk!"

 photo Misc52_zps5d8cf87a.jpg
Creepy eyes, Sam.

We got a cat. We thought he was a kid but he keeps perching on the window sill. This little cat is left handed like his Grandpa Neil and Grandma Merkley.

 photo Misc54_zps5ea26c53.jpg

Alex is becoming so independent. It is weird.

 photo Misc55_zps0595b9ad.jpg

 photo Misc56_zps75c32b78.jpg

 photo Misc61_zpsdd3d43cb.jpg

 photo Misc85_zps18a4b1ce.jpg

Once Sam gets home from work, he plays with the boys while I make dinner. He usually takes them outside on a walk or to the park. I make a from-scratch meal every day. Which, I have been told, is not normal. One night I stayed up until 1:45am making 125 cookies for no reason. I really love cooking. I am not the best cook but I love making our food and knowing what I put in it.

 photo Misc57_zps3a2a7b2d.jpg

Edison is a serial sticker stealer.

 photo Misc59_zpsa44abe18.jpg

 photo Misc63_zpsef3872bd.jpg

I am perpetually tired, behind schedule, and overwhelmed. I guess Sam feels the same.

 photo Misc64_zpse151aa9a.jpg

Alex learns things very quickly but they aren't always the good things. He has started saying, "You're such a baby" because a little boy said it to him at the park one day. My attempt at "That's so silly. He doesn't even know what a baby is!" didn't work. He learned that it was negative.
Emily: I don't want you guys to watch that. It's scary!
Alex: But we really want to.
Edison, in a very condescending voice: Too scary, buddy.

 photo Misc65_zps5b79586f.jpg

 photo Misc66_zps5c0b5926.jpg

They asked to be locked in Rozzi's kennel. Crazy kids.

 photo Misc70_zps259ae31b.jpg

 photo Misc71_zps7e25dbb8.jpg

I have a lot of pictures of the boys in their carseats. It must be because they are contained so it isn't just a blur.

 photo Misc72_zps83a17144.jpg

If Edison gets hurt and we ask him where it hurts, he points at the place or the person who hurt him, instead of pointing to his body.

 photo Misc73_zpsc05a2aa0.jpg

Declan is noticeably missing in these pictures since he already gets his own post each month. But what would we do without Declan baby?!

 photo Misc75_zpsaaff6e33.jpg

Alex got to hold a turtle. I think the turtle was glad when we left.

 photo Misc76_zps59ab9043.jpg

Sam got elbowed at church basketball. Edison took a dive over the front of his little dump truck while running downhill.

 photo Misc77_zpsab115fe7.jpg

I was feeling very nostalgic. Tapping and violin. Part of my pre-mommy life.

 photo Misc78_zpsa6455b91.jpg

 photo Misc79_zps5497a184.jpg

We were missing a ton of toys. We couldn't figure out how they were all disappearing. Then I found them hidden in my closet. I forgot that "the Gunny monster" had confiscated them one night.

 photo Misc80_zps4518d667.jpg

We finally got grass at our complex. We waited for this day for months.

 photo Misc81_zpscce9e670.jpg

We went to learn about the hockey league. I am undecided on registering Alex and Edison. We'll see what happens.

 photo Misc82_zpsefe61e55.jpg

 photo Misc83_zps3e2925d5.jpg

The Relief Society presidency meets at our house and by the end of the meeting the kids are going crazy and I turn on a movie.

 photo Misc84_zps4904b99d.jpg

We are quickly running out of warm days. We squeeze in walks whenever we can.

 photo Misc86_zps9aa4736d.jpg

At the end of our walk a few weeks ago, Alex had run way ahead. Then I thought I saw him pulling down his pants. Yep. That's my kid.

 photo Misc87_zps1c262359.jpg

Alex says the most absurd things sometimes.

Sam works all day. He is very busy and fires people fairly regularly.
Sam: I had to fire someone today.
Alex: Why do you try to fire everyone's dad?!

Alex: Wow, Mom. You have a really huge bum.

Alex: Mom, if you get dirty we'll have to take you to the carwash to wash you. It will be funny. Hahaha."

Alex: You're 10.
Emily: I'm 24.
Alex: No way! You can't be that old!

Alex: Mom, every time you get close to me that makes me just want to lick you.
Sam: I have that same problem.

"Dad, you just keep being so mean and giving me my toys."

Alex, holding Declan's foot up to his ear: Yeah, hello? I have a baby foot phone. I really do. I have a passenger card. Okay, have a good day. Bye.

Alex has started saying, "Aye aye, captain" when I ask him to do something. I approve.

Alex begs me to roll down the car windows so he can catcall people. "Mom, roll down the window so I can say, 'Ow ow!' to someone!"


Jershelly said...

I loved this post. But 3 things in particular:

1. That picture of Edison's poop in his bed. Gross. But hilarious...only because I'm not the one that had to clean it up.

2. That picture of Alex peeing on the grass. Haha.

3. All of the funny things that Alex says.

Janelle said...

Gunny man came for Adam's Ipod sometime last year...and still can't find it.

Carissa and Tanner said...

I love all the awesome, candid, everyday pictures you get. I want to do that. Also - the things your kids say is just about my favorite thing ever. Alex is so awesome.

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