Sparkly Teeth

Alex and Edison love brushing their teeth. Alex loves flossing and Edison doesn't really love it so much. But I came up with an idea to count down from ten (slowly) as I floss their teeth and then make them blastoff at the end by throwing them in the air. It has made a huge difference! We used to be able to floss maybe one of Edison's teeth and now all of his teeth get sparkly clean.

I had an appointment a few days before theirs and I still can't chew on the left side after a cavity was filled. (I have already been back in to have the dentist fix it; still can't chew over there.) I do not want these boys to have terrible teeth like I do. I try to limit their juice and sugar intake. Despite brushing their teeth and flossing every night, I was chastised for not brushing their teeth in the morning. I never have a successful dentist appointment.

The boys think the dentist's office is the greatest place ever. 

 photo Dentist1_zps6cc7acd8.jpg

The hygienists and assistants thought that Declan was a perfect baby. I can't really argue with that. They were congregating in the hallway to coo at him.

 photo Dentist2_zpseb027920.jpg

Edison thought the chair was a ride.

 photo Dentist3_zps415485f9.jpg

 photo Dentist4_zps4e3ddfed.jpg

The hygienist let them choose a toy once they were done. She also said they were the best kids she has ever worked on. Maybe she says that to everyone but it made me very proud of my little guys.

 photo Dentist5_zps66c36e77.jpg


Jershelly said...

I am super impressed that you floss their teeth. Just getting the boys to cooperate for brushing is hard enough! But I will have to try your blast off technique.

And I hope that your tooth feels better soon!

Sarah said...

I am impressed by the flossing too!! It is so important, especially with kids! Most parents think "i don't even floss my teeth, why would I floss my children's?" Good for you Emily! Keep it up.

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